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Graduate Student Conference

for the 2008 Conference on

Recognition and Self-determination

The Dynamics of Recognition:

Power and Transformation


Thursday, February 28, 2008

University of Victoria


Glen Coulthard: PhD Candidate, Political Science, University of Victoria

Andrée Boisselle: PhD Candidate, Law, University of Victoria

Rémi Léger:  PhD Candidate, Political Science, Queen's University

Location: University of Victoria, Fraser Building, (Law) Room 152

We have a limited amount of funds to provide partial support for the attendance of graduate students at the conference.  If you are interested in applying, please contact demcon@uvic.ca.  We will then provide you with the application information.


Download "2008 Conferences at a Glance"


Grad Conference Program and Abstracts- pdf version


8:30-8:45       Registration

University of Victoria, Faculty of Law, Fraser Building,

Room 152


8:45-9:00       Words of Welcome from Glen Coulthard (PhD Candidate, Political Science, UVic)


9:00-10:45     I. Self-recognition. « looking within » as the essential pre-condition to fruitful cross-cultural interaction


• Matthew Wildcat (MA Candidate, Indigenous Governance, UVic)

Problems of Recognition and Self-Recognition


• Kelly LaRocca (LLM Candidate, Law, UVic)

Moving Beyond the State of Exception


• Kirsty Gover (JSD Candidate, NYU School of Law)

Tribal Concepts of Indigeneity: Inter-indigenous Recognition and Tribal Membership Governance in the Western Settler States

Chair : Robert Lee Nichols (PhD Candidate, Political Science, U. of Toronto)

Discussant : Mathieu Gagnon (MA Candidate, Philosophy, Université Laval)


10:45-11:00                Break


11:00-12:45    II. Recognition as « acknowledging one’s own otherness ». At the heart of identity formation : the relation between Self and Other.


• Marie-Joie Brady (PhD Candidate, Political Science, Ottawa University)

Conflict, Hospitality and Friendship: Agonistic Democracy and Constitutional Debates in Canada


• Mary Butterfield (MA Candidate, Philosophy, UVic)

The Relevance of Pornography to R. v. Ewanchuk


Chair : Charles Horn (PhD Candidate, Political Science, UVic)

Discussant : Jackie Steele (PhD Candidate, Political Science, Ottawa University)


12:45-13:45                Lunch


13:45-15:30    III.      Implementing recognition : three angles of critical appraisal


• Tom McMorrow (Doctoral Student, Law, McGill) and Coel Kirkby ( LLM Candidate , Law, McGill)

The Neglected Influence of Private Economic Relations on Identities in the Canadian Politics of Recognition


• François Boucher (PhD Candidate, Philosophy, Queen’s University)

The Cultural Heritage of Indigenous Peoples: From Protection to Self-Determination


• Astrid Tirel (MA Candidate, Sociology, UQAM) and Jean-Mathieu Lamothe (MA Candidate, Sociology, UQAM)

The Representation of the Indigenous Contemporary Subject in the Institutions of Art in Québec and in Canada


Chair : Sébastien Malette (Phd Candidate, Political Science, UVic)

Discussant: JD Crookshanks (PhD Candidate, Political Science, U of Alberta)


15:30-15:45                Break


15:45-17:30    IV.      Exploding the boundaries of the taken-for-granted : exploring forms of recognition, beyond the State and «Self-Determination»


• Zoran Oklopcic (SJD Candidate, Law, U. of Toronto)

Eight Theses on Self-Determination: From Self-Determination of Peoples to Principles of Polity-Formation


• Maria Koblanck (PhD Candidate, Political Science, UVic)

Same, Same but Different


• Doris Farget (PhD Candidate, Law, U. de Montréal)

The Legal Protection of Lifestyles as a Way for Cultural and Social Self-Determination


Chair : Rémi Léger (PhD Candidate, Political Science, Queen's University)

Discussant: Janique Dubois (PhD Candidate, Political Science, U. of Toronto)


17:30    Concluding Words from Andrée Boisselle (PhD Candidate, Law, UVic)


After conference:   Meet at the Bent Mast



Friday February 29, 2008:

Victoria Colloquium Speaker

Tariq Modood  Speaking on: Multiculturalism and Secularism

Sociology, Politics and Public Policy

University of Bristol

Fraser Building (Law), Room 152 at 2:30 pm

Conference Reception (4:30 pm) and Dinner (6:00 pm) to follow at the University Club

Saturday and Sunday- March 1 & 2, 2008

Conference on Recognition and Self-determination

Laurel Point Inn

680 Montreal Street

Victoria BC

February 28 - March 2, 2008
University of Victoria
Victoria, British Columbia






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