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What is Demcon?


Demcon 2005 Conference:
Supranational Political Community: Substance? Conditions? Pitfalls?

September 30 to October 2, 2005
University of Victoria
Victoria, British Columbia

We are pleased to introduce this year's speakers and their papers (as available):

Richard Bellamy
University College London
Paper: Still in Deficit: Rights, Regulation and Democracy in the EU
Ruth Buchanan
University of British Columbia
Paper: Pluralism and Community beyond the Nation
Tom Campbell
Charles Sturt University, Australian National University, University of Melbourne
Paper: Supranationalism: democracy and diversity
Emilios Christodoulidis
University of Edinburgh
Paper: Self-determination: performatives, displacements and elisions
Lisa Conant
University of Denver
Paper: Rights and the Limits of Solidarity in Europe's Supranational Political Community
Cindy Holder
University of Victoria
Paper: Human Rights and Communal Sovereignty: Must they be in tension?
Achim Hurrelmann
University of Bremen
Paper: Political Globalization, Social Integration, and Four Models of Supranational Political Community
Riva Kastoryano
Chargée de recherche au CNRS (CERI)
Paper: Community, Nation and Territory
Hans Lindahl
Tilburg University
Paper: The EU and the Self-Consitution of Political Community: Conceptual and Normative Issues
Willem Maas
New York University
Paper: A Supranational Constitution for European Citizens?
Glyn Morgan
Harvard University
Paper: Europe's Need for Sovereignty
Val Napoleon
University of Alberta
Topic: A Micro Perspective on the Macro: The Creation of the Dunvegan Beaver Indian Band and Its Demise
Kerry Rittich
University of Toronto
Paper: The Politics and Culture of Market
Omid Payrow Shabani
University of Guelph
Paper: The Constitutionalization Project in Europe: Constitutional Patriotism as a model of Postnational Political Association
Jo Shaw
University of Edinburgh
Paper: Mainstreaming Equality and Diversity in a Complex Polity: the challenge for the EU
Stephen Tierney
University of Edinburgh
Paper: A Community of communities? Multi-layered Pluralism at Supranational Level
Jim Tully
University of Victoria
Paper: On the Nature of the 'New' Imperialism (Victoria Colloquium presentation)
Rob Walker
University of Victoria
Amy Verdun
University of Victoria
Antje Wiener
Queen's University Belfast
Final Comment: Transnational Arenas, Contested Meanings, Exclusive Citizenship
On the Possibility of Supranational Community: What’s to be learned from the European Case?







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