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2004 Conference:
Consent as the Foundation for Political Community

Inaugural Conference of the Consortium on Democratic Constitutionalism
University of Victoria, 1-3 October 2004


Taiaiake Alfred, Indigenous Governance, University of Victoria

Michael Asch, Anthropology, University of Victoria

John Borrows, Law, University of Victoria

Paul Chartrand, Law, University of Saskatchewan
      Abstract / Paper

Gordon Christie, Law, University of British Columbia

Jeff Corntassel, Indigenous Governance, University of Victoria

Glen Coulthard, PhD candidate in Political Science, University of Toronto

David Dyzenhaus, Law and Philosophy, University of Toronto
      Abstract   |   Paper

Duncan Ivison, Political Science, University of Toronto
      Abstract   |   Paper  

David Kahane, Philosophy, University of Alberta
      Speaking notes

Margaret Moore, Political Studies, Queen's University

Val Napoleon, PhD candidate in Law and History, University of Victoria

Jennifer Nedelsky, Law and Political Science, University of Toronto

Janna Promislow, PhD candidate, Osgoode Hall Law School and Exec Director,
Centre for Constitutional Studies, University of Alberta

Tim Rowse, Research School of Social Sciences, Australian National University
      Abstract / Paper

Audra Simpson, Postdoctoral Fellow, Anthropology and Native Studies, Cornell University

James Tully, Political Science, Law, Indigenous Governance and Philosophy, University of Victoria

Dale Turner, Government and Native American Studies, Dartmouth College

Ria Tzimas, Ministry of the Attorney-General, Government of Ontario

Jeremy Webber, Law, University of Victoria